2019 Arnold Meet Info

ELITE & PRO FULL POWER Lifters with qualifying numbers will need to fill out an application. Those lifters approved will compete in a Full Power Meet on either Friday March 1st for Elite lifters or Saturday March 2nd for Pro lifters. Cash prizes will be awarded.   XPC OPEN, MASTERS, and BENCH ONLY Any lifter […]

XPC Worlds 2019 Update

I just had my post Arnold meeting today; good things to come in 2019! Here are some of the changes for main Rogue stage events and Rhodes center events: The Bench bash will be changed to a Last Man Standing Bench show. There will be a two hour deadlift show, doubling our one hour time […]

2018 XPC Finals

2018 XPC EVENT SCHEDULE Friday March 2nd  CLICK HERE for Elite Day Flight Lists All ELITE lifters @ the Rhodes Center 717 E 17th Ave Columbus Ohio  (Weigh-ins and lifting ) AM Session – ELITE MULTY-PLY LIFTING – Friday March 2nd: 8am to 3pm or 4pm WEIGH-INS – Thursday March 1st: 8am to 11am; 3pm to 4pm; 5pm […]

2017 XPC Entry Information

First Round Entries Lifters who participated in Semi-Finals, or received totals at the designated Invitation events will receive their payment links first. First round reservation will be open until 12/29. After 12/29 additional requests will have entry form link provided for remaining entry spots. Only Qualified Lifters will receive entry information through the form below. […]

2016 XPC Pro Day Flights

Flight 1 – Classic Pro Women Female Raw Modern 114 Lisa Guggisberg 113 Female Raw Modern 123 Lindsey Craft 122.8 Female Raw Modern 132 Sarah Skinner 132.2 Female Raw Modern 132 Ellen Stein 131.6 Female Raw Modern 148 Tori Goulart 146.8 Female Raw Modern 148 Janel Vegter 143.6 Female Raw Modern 148 Iryna Piatrovich 144.4 […]

Elite PM Flights

squat Flight 1 355 Jane Stabile 365 Cayte Bona 365 Jon Stoklosa 465 Angie Denney 500 pete beckette 570 Joe McNeill 575 Dan Pasholk 595 andrei ahaper-hnkoraeby 605 Mark Chieco 635 Kyle Leech 670 Ken wright 670 aaron white squat Flight 2 565 Robert Washburn 600 Ed Knoblock 600 Alex Alexander 635 Jonathan Cornwell 635 […]

Elite AM Session Flights

Wt Flight 1 114 Jennifer CARON 123 Ling Phan 123 Morgan Colling 132 Katie Pistello 132 Sarah Mercy 132 Cassandra Kardias 132 Alora Griffiths 148 Anna DuCharme 148 Laura paul 148 Crystal McCullough 148 Holly Mowery 148 Haley Deutsch 148 Tasha Whelan Wt Flight 2 148 Lauren Webb 165 Amy Berardinelli 165 Rachael Naseman 165 […]

2014 XPC Classic Powerlifting Finals Results

Congratulations to the winners: Women: 1st Place – Steph Tomlinson, 2nd – Amy Berardinelli Men: 1st Place – Dan Kyser, 2nd – John Lyras, 3rd – Matt Disbrow Wt Name actual bwt. squat bench deadlift Total Coefficient W 132 Steph Tomlinson 130 340 210 370 920 803.896 W 148 Amy Berardinelli 148 240 190 370 […]