2017 XPC Entry Information

First Round Entries

Lifters who participated in Semi-Finals, or received totals at the designated Invitation events will receive their payment links first. First round reservation will be open until 12/29. After 12/29 additional requests will have entry form link provided for remaining entry spots.

Only Qualified Lifters will receive entry information through the form below.

If you do not have a verifiable qualifying total, please do not send a request. You will not get a response. If you are looking for an exemption, contact Dan Dague. Your information will be forwarded to the entry manager.

PLEASE, Serious Inquires Only. The Entry Fee is $165.60 (includes processing fee), OPEN Multi Ply or Classic (belt and knee wraps) and Full Power ONLY. Bench Freakshow is by Invitation Only. All Entries will be made online. If exception needs to be made, contact Dan. He is the only one who can approve an mailed payment.

Returning XPC Winners MUST submit an entry.

Receiving Approval DOES NOT reserve entry spot. Only PAID entries will put you on the roster.

Due to schedule constraints, requests will be processed bi-weekly. Thank you for your patience.

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